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Mission: To Revive, restore, remodel non-profit facilities.

Scope:  Re.Vive by ArtFusion provides onsite, hands-on and educational training for individuals and businesses in the Decorative Finishing industry.

Length:  Each project/phase will be 5 - 7 days.

Scope of training for students.

  • Day 1 Students attend class on estimating, business, etc.  Mock scenarios.

  • Day 2 Instructors teaches finishes that will be used on location.  They will also complete samples of the finishes that they may use in their own portfolio.  To include resin floor, decorative wall, furniture, countertop, doors.

  • Day 2 - 5  The work begins start to finish.  

There will be an open house open to the public and media either Friday evening or Saturday.


When: February 18 - 22, 2019

Where: Stronghold Castle in Oregon, Illinois 66 miles west of Chicago Airport

What: You will complete sample boards to take home several wall finishes, Two of the finishes will be allied to the actual walls. You will also complete samples and hands-on applications of the following..

  • Trim finishes

  • 1 epoxy countertop

  • 1 concrete countertop

  • cabinet finish

  • Epoxy floor finish taught by Jamie Seamans. With the exception of 2 wall finishes, all of the above finishes will be done on the actual surfaces at Stronghold.

Instructors and products: Instructors Sheri Zeman, Jamie Seamans, Beki VanMeter, Charlee King and Kathy Boyd.

Plus: As with the 2014 Caring with Colors/Faux Retreat past Faux Retreat attendees are welcome to teach a sample, share a recipe, contract or….Just let us know!

Products used: Faux Effects, Metallo and Africa by Novacolor, San Marco, Color Atelier,

The room chosen for the remodel is used as both a conference room and for weddings and was also chosen because this is where the 32 Stronghold Castle board members meet once a month. We are wanting to wow the board and show the possibilities to be achieved and acquire funding for the Stronghold director for much needed future renovations in all the buildings on the property.

The following video shows the first room that will be completed.

A past attendee is going to win a trip with Faux Retreat Italy Fall 2019, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Faux Retreat.


The debut Re.Vive price to Faux Retreat alumni is $699 and includes classes, shared lodging (double beds, breakfast and lunch. Along with the application of finishes, you will take home samples for your own portfolio. You are responsible for bringing your own tools and prepped 16 x 24 primed boards.

Past Faux Retreat attendees who would like to join us, but may have some physical limitations or have retired from the business, may also attend at a reduced rate. We have plenty of non labor intensive jobs you can do.

Registration includes lodging, breakfast, lunch and classes. Non-refundable deposit is $300 with balance of $399 due February 1, 2019.



If you know of a non-profit facility that needs some renovations, let us know! These can include charity organizations, historic hotels, theaters, depots, churches, schools. Before contacting us you should already have contacted the facility to find out if they may be interested.


Re.Vive will be open to the public after December 1, if there are spaces left. We may be adding on rooms to remodel.



Interested in teaching at a future RE.VIVE? As an instructor for Re.Vive, you will be responsible for leading your crew from start to finish of scope of work including…

  • Mock job consultation

  • Mock job proposal (written)

  • Sample making

  • Hands on prep and implementation of work

Most jobs need to be completed from start to finish in 3 days or less. Only apply if you are able to train and work with a crew. Depending on the location and job, crews can be anywhere from 15 - 25 people.

Keep in mind that we are revitalizing non-profits. Many may not be able to provide any financial assistance or labor. We are mostly relying on donations from manufacturers and individuals to complete jobs.