epoxy resin

2017 Faux Retreat

APRIL 24 - 28   


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Carving Techniques for Vertical Surfaces with Cindee Lundin.

Each student will create a (size) board using multiple techniques. These techniques can be applied in making custom stone for fireplaces, interior/exterior surfaces, backsplashes, ICF walls, outdoor kitchens,and custom Bas relief art. Among the following techniques students will also learn coloration with exterior rated stains and pigments, designing, and pricing.

• Stacked stone

• Grouted stone

• Sculpting

• Textures

• Embossing

• Carving

• Pre-made elements

• Design

• Pricing

• Etching

• Embedding stones

• Design transfer

• Surface preparation


Epoxy Resin Countertops and Floors with Levi

Levi's countertop Epoxy’s Resin Workshops always begin with an outline of how epoxy resin works. We believe having a basic knowledge of the nature of the material will help produce successful projects. You’ll gain an understanding of the process including necessary tools, masking, timing, temperatures, dos and don’ts, etc., all before ever pouring a drop of resin. 

After a brief overview of the technical aspects, we dive right in to the fun when we begin the hands-on portion of the class. Levi will lead as the class follows on their own small samples while he emphasizes the importance of the mix ratio, timing, how to maintain control of the material, and how to apply accent colors. Once the class is feeling comfortable with the process, Levi will walk them through several other color combinations, including White Marble, Copper Patina, Black Galaxy, Travertine, and Slate. 

While everyone’s samples are curing, Levi will also discuss how to create large scale projects such as epoxy floors as well as how to fabricate a countertop from scratch.

At the end of the workshop, class members get to take home their samples so they may show them off to potential clients and customers. Overall, the fun and casual environment usually exceeds the expectations of the class members, and they leave feeling like they’ve learned more than they even knew existed in the resin world!

Kathy Boyd will be leading the class in an epoxy art piece you can then sell or keep for yourself.