Unforgettable Reasons Why You Should Travel To Italy with Faux Retreat

I know there are a lot more reasons, but here are the top ones.  Tell me if I missed something.

1. Florence

Even more than Rome and Venice, many visitors to Italy will tell you their favorite city is Florence. The city’s more compact size makes it ideal for exploring on foot. Wander from the Duomo to the Galleria dell’Accademia, the Uffizi, the Mercato Nuovo, Ponte Vecchio and discover the countless other pieces of the outdoor museum known as Florence.

2. There’s an infinite variety of pasta...

You can count the varieties you know, but trust’s only the tip of the iceberg. Italy has over 300 types of pasta, each tastier than the last. The best part? They’re often fresh and handmade! Let’s not even begin to talk about the sauces.

3. The churches are breathtaking

Italy’s unique location and history have made it a crossroads for ideas, cultures, and aesthetics for thousands of years. Gothic, Byzantine, Renaissance... Italy’s churches are as varied as they are stunning, and not just the famous ones!

4. Shopping

You can explore the high fashion shopping centers of Florence but don't ignore the bargains that can be found at the street vendor booths. The vendors of Florence offer decorative scarves and shawls, which are often priced under $10. Inexpensive clothing can be found in the stores located on the side streets of the major town squares

5. Scheduled classes

Among the included retreat classes are a day with master plaster expert Darrell Morrison, owner of Cadoro Plaster and CO.ME stainless steel trowels for fine plasters.  Manufactured right in Italy.  

The famed European artist Prof. Luciano Tittarelli  will be teaching a class of our choosing.  We will put to a vote fresco painting, sculpture, tempura, encaustic?

6. Tour ceramic factory

Visit Grazia factory, oldest ceramic factory in Europe.

7. Villa Pieve

The majority of your stay will be at the Villa Pieve.  It is an elegant ancient house located in front of the medioeval Castel of Pieve del Vescovo, and just 5 min away from one of the most beautiful old towns in Italy: Corciano. The property is made up of an Ancient Villa, a Country House with 20 spacious rooms refined with a traditional style and a Congress Center.

8. Visit to Winery

Visit of the Carini winery, oil and wine tasting.

9. Cooking class

Learn how to prepare a complete Italian menu.

10. Visit Giusto Manetti Battiloro

Giusto Manetti Battiloro is one of Florence's 25 oldest companies. Founded in Florence in 1820, the company produces and markets Gold leaf throughout the world. Since 1950 the company also has operations in hot stamping foil.

11. Travel with friends and family

Your friends and family can travel with you on this special Faux Retreat.  If they aren't interested in the classes, they can attend for a special price.  

12. Airfare is low

Travel to Italy the last few months has been very low.  Most airfares from major cities to Florence have been around $600.