April 2016

APRIL 25 - 29

Audra Lynch - Kathy Boyd

What do you do when one of your frequent attendees requests of his soon to be bride that he wants to go on a Faux Retreat for their honeymoon?  You make it happen for them!  So to celebrate the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lewis we have a very special retreat created.

Audra has worked with all of the "big" brand concrete systems and will be bringing her knowledge and artistic flair to the retreat for some countertop and floor finishes and a gorgeous art piece.

Audra will be using a type of overlay floor stencil which you will learn to make.  You will learn about and then spray colors, use foils then an epoxy topcoat for a unique and very sellable floor finish. 
The countertop sample will be overlay with foam to create an intaglio type effect with an epoxy topcoat.  You will also create an art piece  building a bird of concrete that is mounted to a block which you will also be finishing. 

Kathy is teaching some frequently requested finishes for hers and she also has some surprises in store for everyone.  Students will be working with a wide range of products.