2015 North Carolina Faux Retreat

Instructors Sheri Zeman and Ali Kay.

I am more of a quiet artist type. I like to socialize a little, but honestly, the whole retreat thing made me a little nervous. I did not want to be stuck for several days staying with people I didn’t know-eeek! I just wanted to learn new techniques, new finishes, and this retreat offered something I was looking for, for a long time!—A challenge to up my art, while developing more core finishes, to expand on in my studio, for wall and panel options. Not only was it an investment of money, but it was of my time in planning and travel, so I wanted it to be worth my while. This class, retreat went beyond my expectations and fears in so many levels. Thank YOU Kathy for going above and beyond in welcoming all of us with your generous heart and spirit. It was a comradery I have not experienced in a long time. The classes and planning were well organized, the meals were sensational, the location was beautiful! This is one class I am planning on investing in, again. In fact I am saving up already for the next one!

Crystal Eadie