Artist retreats designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


With Faux Retreats scheduled for Wisconsin and North Carolina in 2016, we provide the most unique, and feature packed experience for Faux Finishers, and other professionals in the decorative painting and mural community. Since 2009, our painting retreats have inspired and brought artists together to form strong networks and lasting friendships.  

Every retreat offers a variety of inspiring and portfolio building classes, instructors and products and the price always includes classes, food and lodging.   We love to pamper you while creating a fresh, unique and memorable experience.  We started it first!


2016 Schedule

North Carolina

March 14 - March 18  Sold out

Igor Turovskiy - Leslie Nesbit

Cathy Taylor

Igor is teaching some spectacular art creations done with epoxy. These techniques can also be done on countertops and floors.  

Leslie's class, Surface Styling ~ The Swag of It All is an original class concept she created and debuting at this retreat.

Cathy Taylor will be teaching a bonus class using alcohol inks!



April 25 - 29   SOLD OUT

Audra Lynch - Kathy Boyd - Beki VanMeter

Audra has worked with all of the "big" brand concrete systems and will be bringing her knowledge and artistic flair to the retreat for some countertop and floor finishes and a gorgeous art piece.

Kathy is going to teach a variety of new finishes using various products.  These are easy finishes for walls, accents, stair risers, tables and more.  

With Beki you are going to learn some very cool epoxy art.  



September 20 - 24  Hurry to get special

Dean Sickler - Cynthia Davis

Dream team, not to be missed!

Dean is the master at wood grain and marble techniques.  He has taught many of the woodgraining instructors out there!  

Cynthia will be teaching elegant, contemporary finishes for today's market. 

ArtFusion Event

October 26 - 29

The second ArtFusion Event will be held in the picturesque Estes Park, Colorado.  This is the hippest industry event for Decorative Artists. Over 25 classes, free speakers, demos, live music, rummage sale.

Visit for more information.

Kathy are truly an amazing person!!!!! I am still in Awwwww over the Summer Retreat last week. You are such a detail oriented person and want you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts and hard work you put into all of it. So looking forward to coming back in Sept for the Fall Retreat!!!!! See ya soon!!!
— Jan Moody 2013
I am still glowing and floating from the experience at retreat...HUGE thanks to all, especially KB- you are TOPS! and an enormous-x-infinity- The last week was full of so many blessings and joys!!! I am thrilled to have spent time with so many creatives not only in art & inspiration & emotions...but in laughter-TONS of it- (we all just gained years to our lives)...i cannot remember the last time I belly laughed to the point of my toes & nose wiggling beyond control- or maybe it was those redneck teeth?...HHhhmmm...I am humbled by the gift of spending such quality time with all of you...heart hug, xox
— Deb Drager 2012
Kathy is a dynamo with a country-wide reputation as an artist, organizer and a facilitator. I am constantly amazed at the number of projects she is involved in and even more amazed at how well they are run.
— Dean Sickler 2010 instructor